Create smart keyboard and mouse
Productivity with easy access
With one key press to access most used actions, Smart Keyboard makes you great productivity.
Customize to different most usage
You can customize keyboard buttons with most used Website, Applications, Multimedia and Shortcut etc.
Automatic application profile
Every application has different most used actions. SmartGenius profile help you set different most usage and activate automatically.
Virtual Keyboard - Genius Key Bar
Press special Genius Key or Ctrl + ~ together, the virtual keyboard - Genius Key Bar is shown for current keyboard settings.

Genius Key

Create a mouse for you
With SmartGenius, you can easily make mouse work you, either right or left hand, or for fast or slow performance.
Battery low alert
Add more convenience to Genius rechargeable mouse, SmartGenius remind you once your device battery is low.
Profiles from Genius cloud
SmartGenius connect with Genius cloud to allow you download profiles for most popular applications.

Quick start guide

Support Genius devices