Loud and Extra BassSP-906BT

Enhanced design boosts volume with deep bass effect. SP-906BT gives you a smooth and great feel. It comes in five loud colors, weighs 185g, thickness is 4.6cm, and the diameter is 8cm. It is smaller and lighter than a baseball.

Uncompromised Sound Quality

With smart anti-breaking sound technology, there will be no sound break during a high pitch and the low pitch remains clear. Its surround sound makes you feel like actually being there.

Hyper Bass, Even Stronger

The built-in amplifier enables SP-906BT to deliver high-decibel sound which penetrates your heart.

Durable For 10-hrs Play

SP-906BT is so durable that you can play more than 200 songs continuously.

Carabiner Hook

The material of the carabiner hook is steel aluminum, solid and smooth. Also, the hook is durable and resistant to rust while the silicone rim is flexible and tough. Coupled hardness with softness, SP-906BT gives you flexible and diversive use!


Equipped with the state-of-the-art circuit protection IC and Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the pairing is farther and faster (10m is the standard wireless operating distance).

Overall Compatibility  

Compatible to all Bluetooth technology products, SP-906BT offers you a more convenient listening experience.

Hands-free Mode, High-definition Microphone

With one press of the button, you can enjoy clear calling with the built-in high-definition microphone and HIFI high pitch amplifier. Also, you can call back by pressing the button again.

Designed for Everyone

With a simple design, SP-906BT is so easy to use that it is suitable for anyone.

High-quality Sound, Children Go Genius

Music plays an essential role in prenatal education. SP-906BT delivers true-to-life sound that stimulates the senses of children and ultimately makes them have efficient learning. SP-906BT expands their imagination and makes them have clear mind! Children go genius with Genius!

  • Circuit Protection

  • Recharge Protection

  • Over Current Protection

  • Over Voltage Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over-discharge Protection

  • Overcharge Protection

  • Smart Power Saving

  • High-quality Battery

  • High-quality Port

  • Leakage Protection

  • Superb craftmanship

12Protection, Safety is Priority

We spare no effort in making you feel safe. Extra safety design of circuit protection IC prevents battery from explosion! You're always secure when using SP-906BT to listen to your favorite music!

Environmental-friendly Material RoHS

The material of SP-906BT is RoHS, which is a kind of environmental-friendly material. We used non-toxic mateiral for your baby's health. Besides, the material is solid and can endure slight collisions. The cute, round and full color outlook can be childrens' toys. too.

Inspired by Nature

The design of SP-906BT was inspired by nature. It is round and smooth on the surface. Five colors let you feel the power of health, sun, passion, optimism and fortune. It is not just a Bluetooth speaker with loud and extra bass, but a boutique that worth having.



  • Bluetooth module 4.1
  • Driver unit 40 mm
  • Power output 3 W
  • Frequency response 100 HZ – 20 K Hz
  • Sensitivity ? 70dB
  • Wireless operating distance 10m
  • Battery type Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 780 mAh
  • Battery charging interface Micro USB
  • Battery life 3.5 hours (charging),
    10 hours (playing time based on 60% playback volume)
  • Microphone YES
  • Colors Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red
  • Weight Approx. 185 g
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 83 x 91.5 x 46.75 mm (3.27 x 3.60 x 1.84 inches)

What's included

  • SP-906BT
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Multi-language quick guide


  • One year limited hardware warranty*
  • * Warranty void if unauthorized opening or repair.